Autoclave curing unit

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The steam cart with AAC blocks before finished grouping, open autoclave door, and send the AAC block into autoclave. Under the condition of high temperature and high pressure, can ensure the the AAC block intensity, among the curing process, strictly according to designed process, the intensity and gas hole of AAC block are decided by curing time.
After curing, can open the autocalve door, to push out the finished products cart by slow speed tractor, and then pull the curing cart wtih green AAC block into autoclave, to convey out AAC block to the finshied products site by forklift, and then hoisting the curing cart and mould bottom plate back to lane, after cleaning, pushing back to autoclave lane, for the next cycle.
The main equipments as follow :

foam blocks machine,The boiler 

The boiler
Feature :        
1、High efficiency, fast heating
2、Save energy, friendly environment
3、Small overall dimension, easy installation, low cost.    
Supplying heating to autoclave

foam blocks machine,Autoclave 

1、heating re-cycle usage
2、heating self-adjust
3、multi-type can choose
Curing AAC block under high temperature and high pressure.

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