1100T hydraulic press brick machine

1100brick making machinery for silicate brick,hydraulic brick machine

Main technical parameters(hydraulic brick machine):
Type   1100T
Norminal pressure 11000 KN
Forming piece/time 32 pieces
Power 180 kw
Fly ash rate 70% 
Note Fully automatic

The main features of hydraulic press brick machine:

1, 1100T hydraulic press brick machine, adopt double pressure principle, the optimization of the implementation of the hydraulic transmission.
2,Adopt to PLC full automatic control,touch screen operation, high technic, easy operation, low labor intensity, and great improve brick production.
3,The company design automatic brick making machine in pressed brick process multiple exhaust, to avoid the market eight panel brick machine during pressing process cannot exhaust and appear brick sandwich fault phenomenon.
4,Unique static, with low noise, low consumption features.
5,Using high technology, high accuracy import componnents and hydraulic parts, integrated circuit, electrical control, structure compact. Reasonable design is easy to after-sales maintenance, avoid eight hole brick machine more separates, more wearing parts, not easy to maintenance.

hydraulic brick machinehydraulic brick machine

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