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How to avoid breakdown when using cement brick making machine
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How to avoid breakdown when using cement brick making machine
A perfect man will make mistake, so do the machine.So we need to learn how to aviod breakdown to make the machine long life.

Here is some tips when using cement brick making machine:

1.Check the bolt tightness of each part of machine everyday, especially vibrator parts.Leather for Vibrating motor should be check always,if there is abrasion and trackslip,it need to be replaced in time.Also the same to the belt.

2.The mould is most important part who decides the quality of finished brick. The mould should be clean all the time while producing, people should pay attention on this. And mould should be replaced if there is severe abrasion.When replacing the mould, mould should be hanged firstly in case of suddenly dropping.

3.Cement brick machine is equipped with hydraulic system, we must keep it clean, avoid mixing with impurities.

4.After producing, people need to clean all the place inner and out of the machine. Preparing for next time.

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