salt lick block making machine

salt block making machine,lick block making machine,

Technical Parameter for Salt Licking Block Making Machine

Type     TM300T TM500T TM630T TM800T
Nominal force (KN)     3000 5000 6300 8000
Max hydraulic pressure (Mpa)     25 25 25 25
Total power (KW)   22  42 55 60
Block weight (kg)  2-3 5 5-10  10

Our Advantage

  1. Salt licking block machine, adopt double pressure principle, the optimization of the implementation of the hydraulic transmission.
  2. Adopt to PLC full automatic control,touch screen operation, high technical, easy operation, low labor intensity, and great improve salt block production.
  3. The company design automatic salt licking block machine in pressed brick process multiple exhaust, to avoid the market eight panel brick machine during pressing process cannot exhaust and appear brick sandwich fault phenomenon. 
  4. Unique static, with low noise, low consumption features.
  5. Using high technology, high accuracy import componnents and hydraulic parts, integrated circuit, electrical control, structure compact. Reasonable design is easy to after-sales maintenance.

salt lick block making machine

salt lick block making machine

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