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Six Details Should Attention When Buying Cement Brick
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 Cement brick protects our country's precious land resources, and also realizes the reuse of resources. For example, we think it is the garbage of slag, slag, construction waste, etc. It can be transformed into unburned brick by brick making machine, so as to realize the recycling of resources. Therefore, in recent years, the development of cement brick machine sought after by people. Here Temin introduce the following details when you buy brick machine.

 1. In the investigation of cement manufacturers, the first look is certainly the strength of the manufacturers. Also you should look at the accuracy of the process of production equipment parts, as well as the installation of equipment and whether they can working properly or not.

2. In the process of testing the cement brick machine , you should observe if there exists some abnormal movements, the key is to check if the transmission process can achieve the desired objectives.

3. After running for some time, see if the heater is normal.

4. Knock brick structure, and listen to the voice, then you can distinguish between wall thickness. It can prevent cutting corners in brick making machine.

5. Check the hydraulic pressure and transmission parts ,and consider whether oil leakage and noise exists.

6. The use of cement machine electrical cabinets in the operation of the various organizations are not in place.

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