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Several Advantages of Small Cement Brick Machine
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Many friends want to invest in small cement machine, but they don’t understand the prospects and the advantages of small cement brick. Wenxian Temin Industrial Co., Ltd tell you several advantages of small cement brick machine, and let you without any menace from the rear.

1. Small investment with flexible scale. Small cement brick machine does not have high requirements on the production conditions, only the site and simple shed. Simple production line, a small amount of mold, small investment, and gradually expand. If you need to expand the scale and increase production, you should add the production line.

2. Quick effect. A few days after the installation of the equipment can produce your products,  can have income that month, and your capital investment can be recovered within six months of investment costs.

3. Flexible production mode, easy to implement. Small cement can not only use fixed production line, large-scale production, but also mobile production line, on-site construction production.

4. Using a production line, only need to adjust the size of the mold or cutting tool, you can produce a variety of specifications.

5. Local materials, waste utilization and environmental protection. The raw material of small cement brick distributed very wide, can use cement and river sand as the main raw material. Can also choose raw material according to the local conditions , such as fly ash, slag, powder, slag, tailings, slag and other industrial waste gas as raw materials. That is waste utilization and environmental protection.

6. In line with the national environmental protection and energy saving industry policy. The project has no pollution with zero emissions. The use of industrial waste can enjoy preferential policies and subsidies from the government.

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