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The Differences Between Cement Brick Machine and Hydraulic Brick Machine
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 Many companies give a low investment in new building materials. However, the development of its profits can meet the needs of the market. Compared with the traditional solid clay brick factory, 40% of the total investment cost can be saved. Moreover, in view of the complexity of the process, the traditional solid clay brick factory with a complex process , low degree of mechanization and low labor productivity. Compared with the new building unburned brick machine up to 2-3 times.

  Wenxian Temin Industrial Co., Ltd here for everyone to do a detailed introduction: Cement brick machine emphasize that raw material must contain cement. Cement brick using slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, gravel, cement and other raw materials, with scientific proportioning, mixing with water. Mechanical equipment like cement block, hollow block or color road block are pressed by hydraulic brick machine. Hydraulic brick machine emphasizes the principle of molding, and without burning.

  Non fired brick masonry block is bound to use cement, cement brick structure is certainly not fired brick, so they are also called brick machine. Baking free brick machine is the production of unburned brick machine. That means the production of bricks can be used without burning. Combined with the current domestic and foreign similar characteristics and market needs, baking free brick machine was designed and manufactured. A machine has more than one name, and baking free brick machine is the name of the country to the name of. The rest name is a nickname. I hope the above introduction can help the majority of cement brick customers. Customers who want buy cement brick machine, hydraulic press machine , I recommend you to visit Wenxian Temin Industrial Co., Ltd, and our staff will demonstrate and operate for you.

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