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Pay attention to the details of using cement brick machine
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 Brick machine is like a person's body, people will be sick under the influence of external factors, cement brick is the same. In the use of the process can not say that there is no fault. There are many reasons for the failure of cement brick machine, but there are many small details that can be avoided. The details determine success or failure. Here TeMin give you a few points to analyze

1. Clean, we think there will be a lot of trouble to clean up heavy equipment. Because it is heavy then people think it’s no need to clean those equipment, that’s a wrong idea. Whether the equipment is cleaned or not, it’s up to working conditions. We work in a very dirty environment and we need to take a bath every day, so does the equipment. Every day after the completion of cement production , we must clean the mold, pump stations, power distribution cabinet.

2. Every day before the production, please check the various parts of the cement machine, such as the tightness of the screw, the tightness of the motor belt, the joint of the welded joints and so on all aspects of detail.

3. Focus on the mold is an important part of our production, but the mold is easy to wear. Although our company's mold has been heat treatment. However, after the end of every day , please clean the mold carefully, so you can extend the life of the mold. Please pay attention to clean the replacement of the mold ,then make it storage with oil , in order to ensure the next replacement.

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