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Common problems in the production of cement brick machine
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Wenxian Temin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturers to produce cement brick machine, and productions as well as sales of cement brick machine equipment are welcomed by majority of users. Today, we talk about the problems often arise in the production of cement brick, so that we will encounter problems in the future production and will not feel panic. Also we can calmly solve problem without affecting production.Let’s look together.

 1.Leakage occurs in a single critical site. That because loose parts, or caused by mechanical oscillation and heating.

 2.Cement brick machine equipment with loose appearance. New parts of the equipment, there are several forms of appearance and cooperation scale error. In the use of early, because the impact, vibration and other load, as well as heating, deformation and other factors,so that the original fastening parts loose.

 3.Some motors are not smooth. The gap between new equipment parts and components is small, and because of the installation and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the homogeneity of the cooperation gap. Smooth oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform oil in the conflict surface, so easy to wear.

 4.Workers do not understand the equipment, so operating errors arise.

Because workers know little about the structure and function of equipment , so frequent failure in operation , and even cause mechanical accident.

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