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Four Basic Rules of Cement Brick Machine
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  No matter what things are suitable for their own is the best, cement brick machine is the same. We do not think that expensive is good, the most important thing is to see whether the quality and technology is really guaranteed. Wenxian Temin has many years of experience in manufacturing machine, and can be customized according to the actual needs of customers brick machine.

  Cement brick machine belongs to mechanical equipment, so it is inevitable to use the gear components. Now most of the mechanical equipment is driven by gear transmission to achieve. So although the gear element looks relatively small, it related to the overall performance of cement brick machine. Therefore, in the industrial design of the use of gear is clearly defined, the following is a summary of the four:

1. Gear requirements for brick machine: turn the scope of conveying ratio changes as small as possible, in order to ensure the accurate transmission of motion. (accurate movement)

2. Requirements of the instantaneous transmission ratio changes as small as possible to ensure smooth transmission, small impact and vibration, low noise. (work smoothly)

3. The gear on the mechanical equipment, such as cement brick machine, requires that the working tooth surface can be in good contact with each other, so as to ensure sufficient bearing capacity and service life. (contact accuracy)

4. The gear is required to have proper backlash. The gap between the non-working surfaces of the gear teeth to compensate for thermal deformation and storage of lubricants.

  Because of the above knowledge involved in the design of cement brick machine, so the relationship with ordinary users is not very large, you can only know or understand.

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