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How to strengthen the maintenance of baking free brick machine
Time:2017-03-16   Author:  Click:103

  Many investors will be concerned about such a problem: service life of baking free brick machine. The longer of it’s service life, the more benefit it brings to the enterprise. Our company pay attention to the problem in time, so we specifically asked the company's senior technical engineer Liu to introduced the following block machine maintenance problems. Our company hope to answer questions for more providers.

  In order to make baking free brick machine always in a good working condition, to ensure the reliability of performance, improve the efficiency of the machine and extend the service life of the machine, thus a series of maintenance measures for the brick machine. Measures are mainly to keep clean, tight, lubricated and properly adjusted, combined with timely inspection and monitoring work. However, in the actual work, the user has not given enough attention, mainly for the following aspects:

  1 The idea of "repair rather than maintenance". No maintenance plan, and minor problems can not cause attention. Only when the machine can not work and has a big problem, then this time to think of it to repair. Site environment is poor, maintenance is limited, no strength, casually do, that’s enough.

  2 Implementation of the maintenance staff is not strong sense of responsibility, do not follow the maintenance of the operation, arbitrary, and do not leave the corresponding maintenance records.

  3 Financial trouble, no maintenance on time, the use of poor quality oil and non-qualified spare parts for maintenance work.

  4 Time is approaching, do not maintain on time, ignoring the operation status of the machine, and forced to work for rush deadlines.

In view of this, usually to enhance the staff skills training, to enhance staff awareness, attention to maintenance work, then we can do baking free brick machine maintenance work well.

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