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The core equipment of the steam brick machine--Hydraulic press brick machine
Time:2016-05-28   Author:  Click:111

The hydraulic press brick machine is the core equipment of the whole production line, Wenxian Temin Industrial Co., Ltd can supplies the series of hydraulic press brick machine of different types, we can also help to plan the the whole production line according to the production capacity of the year. We are sure to supply the best before sales and after sales, supply the relative information and be a good adviser. And we would also supply technology training and do the quality tracking and user access. Advance the products performance and quality due to the customer demand.

The Hydraulic press brick machine series can realize the single pressing and double pressing so as to produce the brick of high strength and high quality. Adopts the PLC computer controlling, it can realize the fully automatic working. It can save the human labor and is very easy to operate. It the first and best choice for the customers.

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