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The advantages of the hollow brick machine
Time:2016-05-27   Author:  Click:130

More and more developers would choose to use hollow bricks for the residential building construction. Hollow bricks are popular now. Then what are the advantages of the hollow bricks? Light weighted,high strength, heat preservation, sound and noise insulation, what’s more, it is environment friendly with no pollution, is a kind of ideal packing materials for the frame structure building. And now view the machine making the hollows.

It has many advantages:

1, The hollow brick machine has high pressure and vibrating, the brick it produces is of high strength, good density. 50 pieces of layer board can realize the recycling producing.

2, It has been improved into a new one that can press curb stones and hollow blocks once.

3, Four column guide, strong and durable.

4, The feeding machine adopts the four axis mixing, in order to reduce the feeding time and improve the brick making speed.

5, Mold synchronization structure ensures the consistent thickness and the rate of final products.

6, Realizing the automation of the sending the boards, aggregation vibration and pressing.

7, The hollow brick machine can produced different kinds of bricks of different sizes. It realizes the diversification of one machine.

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