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The difference between the AAC block and the cement brick
Time:2016-05-26   Author:  Click:128

From two aspects, we can see the difference between the AAC block and the Cement brick machine.

First, from the processing technology, for the materials processing, AAC uses the aluminium powder as the foaming agent, so that the AAC blocks are lighter than any other kind of brick. Then the mixed slurry will be poured into the mould box for pre-curing. And mostly important, the AAC blocks have to experience of being cut into blocks after forming. So it requires special cutting machine for vertical cutting and cross cutting, usually the block size is customer-made. While for the Cement brick, the raw materials must have cement as the gel material, so it doesn’t need to be steamed and cured in the autoclave, it can be naturally dried. In the brick pressing process, the brick is directly press forming into bricks.

Second, from the usage of these two kinds of bricks, the AAC blocks are mostly used as the packing materials of high rise-building. While the cement brick can be sued as the wall brick, what’s more, cement brick can be made into different sizes and shapes.

In a word, the AAC blocks and cement brick are both very common and becoming popular in China. If you need, contact us. 

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