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Sand aac block machine introduction
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Sand aac blocks are kind of sand and concret production made of river sand,lime,cement and foaming agant,through the process of mixing,pouring into the moulds,resting,foaming,curing,cutting and delivering into autoclave,at last forming into light weight and porous brick.It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, durable,heat preservation,sound insulation,fire prevention, anti permeability,Good anchoring performance.What's more,it also has the good points of convenient construction,good workability and can reduce the comprehensive cost and increase the usable areas.

Procedure of the aac eareted blocks
1.The loaders deliver the sand into the hopper,sand is conveyed into the ball mill,grinded with water???????after grinding, the mortar will be pumped into the slurry storage and mixing tank in reserve.
2.After being measured in the measuring scale through the screw conveyer and pipes,cement,lime gypsum and mortar will be poured into the pouring mixer with the aluminum powder coming out of aluminum powder mixer.After 5 minutes' mixing, the slurry will be poured into the mould with the PLC controll system.
4,After pouring, molding box will go to the pre-curing areas automatically because of PLC system and stay there for about 2 hours.
5. Then the moulding box will go through the tilting and de-moulding by the hydraulic turning crane and get ready for cutting.Vertical cutting machine working process: work about 5minutes,reciprocating cutting is the main working style in which the cylinder drives the steel wires constantly.And during the cross cutting,vacuum suction hood will suck waste slurry on the surface into the scrape slot in order to keep the good quality of the bricks.
6. After cutting process,the hoist hangs the embryo onto the steam cart and divided them into groups and array them,after which the windlass drives them into the autoclaves for 8-10 hours' curing,the temperature inside the autoclave reaches 190℃ with 1.1-1.2MPa operating pressure.
7. After curing process,the finished products should have the press testing,delivery, simple packing and being stacked in the storage areas.

Comparing with the traditional aerated block,the sand aerated blocks are featured in:
1. The renewal of raw materials
   In the new type of blocks, sand takes place of fly ash as the siliceous material and it increases the intensity of bricks, and can highly improve the anti permeability,drying shrinkage,γray exposure etc.
2. Industrial products
   The sand aac blocks are produced by automatic production line controlled by computer,so they have low size error. Their quality is sure to be better than the international top products standerds.The installation of industrial production can be done with high efficiency.
3. Equiped post treatment of the walls
   Sand aac block products have precise size ,so they don't need mortar during masonry, instead they need binder,and the mortar joint is only about 2-3mm,and the wall surface doesn't need to be painted but only the putty to batch coating,which solve the problem of the cracking of aerated block.
4.  Flexible applicztion parts
    The products can be cut into boards as well as blocks,and the boards can be decorated with veneer which only need spray Grouts. Many parts can be used.

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