QT4-20 auto brick machine

paving bricks,colour paver blocks,interlocking brick

Introduction of brick making machine products:
1) Concrete brick machine consists of hydraulic and vibrating systems.
2) take river sand, stones, slag, shale, gangue, fly ash as the raw materials, add few cement, and press them into green bricks for natural curing before using.
3) It has second feeding device, this machine cannot only produce building brick and wall brick but also colored pavers, pavers, tree well stone, lawn brick, slope protection brick etc.
4) Adopts Germany advanced technology, the mould adopts steel of good quality and advanced process and go through finish machining, line-cutting, heat treatment process for producing durable and qualified products. 
5) This is the first choice for you for the concrete brick machine performance.
Brick making materials:
Small stones, sand, fly ash, coal cinder, gangue, tailing residue, ceramsite, perlite, cement are all workable.
Machine advantage:
Multi-function, one machine with different moulds can produce different kinds of bricks.
It can realize automatic green brick conveying, saving labor, high production capacity and it belongs to the small automatic production line with small investment and fast profit.

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