qty10-15 automatic brick machine
automatic brick machine
Molding cycle 15-20 s/mould Product specification
Vibration frequency  1000-4200 times/min (can adjust) 240×115×53 mm
(48 pcs/mould)
Vibration force  20-50 KN(can adjust)  390×190×190 mm
(10 pcs/mould )
Total power   41(kw)  240×115×90 mm 
(24 pcs/ mould )
Theory daily production   115,200 pcs/day (solid brick )  250×250×60 mm
(6 pcs/ mould )
Pallet dimension   1080×860×35-40mm (bamboo making ) 225×111×60 mm 
(24 pcs/ mould )
Machine weight    14.6 T 200×100×60 mm 
(24 pcs/ mould )
Overall dimension  3500×2100×2600mm  

hollow brick machine

hollow brick machine

The main characteristic of brick making machine:
1)Main machine: adopts integration of machanism, electricity and hydraulic with automatic circulation   operation and malfunction self-test system.
2) Hydraulic: the oil line is invisible and take few room with great power. The main power are all coming from abroad, it has high pressure and thoroughly solves the problem of oil spilling during long time operation.
3) Control:  adopts Germany Siemens industrial PLC controlling system, Chinese language, 
touchable screen, stepless frequency modulation, change its movement according to different kinds of materials flexibly.
4)Feeding:the feeding system uses crank connecting rod and forced feeding device, throughly solve the feeding problems of non-rectangular brick, and the second feeding can produce different bricks of different colors. 
5)Mould: reasonable thickness, fine grinding, special steel, high-frequency carburizing treatment, mold box pinch, without welding, life more sustainable. Insert design allows the mould to exchange within few minutes which realizes the multi use of one machine.
6) Shock excitation: resonance of the machine and mould can produce huge shock excitation and the block strength reaches almost 25 Mpa.
7) Anti vibration: the unique capsule damping technology, can help prolong the life of machine body and mould box under shock excitation.
8) Forming: the finished products have high compressive strength.
Brick making materials:
Small stones, sand, fly ash, coal cinder, gangue, tailing residue, ceramsite, perlite, cement are all workable.
Machine advantage:
Multi-function, one machine with different moulds can produce different kinds of bricks.

The producing videos:
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