QTY10-15 auto brick machine

automatic brick making machine,concrete block making machine,hollow block machine


Molding cycle 15-20 s/mould Product specification
Vibration frequency  1000-4200 times/min (can adjust) 240×115×53 mm
(48 pcs/mould)
Vibration force  20-50 KN(can adjust)  390×190×190 mm
(10 pcs/mould )
Total power   41(kw)  240×115×90 mm 
(24 pcs/ mould )
Theory daily production   115,200 pcs/day (solid brick )  250×250×60 mm
(6 pcs/ mould )
Pallet dimension   1080×860×35-40mm (bamboo making ) 225×111×60 mm 
(24 pcs/ mould )
Machine weight    14.6 T 200×100×60 mm 
(24 pcs/ mould )
Overall dimension  3500×2100×2600mm  

Block Samples:

hollow brick machine

The Workflow:

automatic brick making machine,concrete block making machine,hollow block machine

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