brick machine flow chart

Lime-sand(fly ash) brick production flow chart

 1.Jaw crusher  6.Lime powder bin  11.Digestion bin  16.Autoclave
 2.Lifting machine  7.Fly ash bin  12.Belt conveyor  17.Crane
 3.Gypsum bin  8.Measure feeding machine  13.Biaxial mixer  18.Forklift
 4.Lime bin  9.Electronic batching machine  14.Manual shuttle car  19.Disc rotary car
 5.Ball mill 10.Mixer  15.Brick machine  20.Boiler

High quality high strength
Wenxian Temin Industrial Co., Ltd focuses on high quality lime-sand brick, fly ash brick manufacturing process
Technology support:supply complete set production line equipment, from site planning to equipment manufacturing, installation, adjustment, staff training and technical support among production process, temin machinery will sincerely cooperate with you.

Brick making process :
 01  Raw material system  Raw material storage
     Batching and mixing
     Digestion ratio
 02  Forming system   Press froming
  03  Curing system  High temperature and pressure curing 
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