4-40 vibration brick machine

manual vibration brick machine

Main technical parameters of brick machine:

Power  9.6kw
Weight 1.5T
Molding Cycle 40s
Theory daily  producton

18,000-24,000 pcs/day  (solid brick)

1,800-2,300  pcs/day  (hollow brick)

Pallet dimension 850×550×40 mm
Overall  dimension  1580x1100x2100 mm
4-40 brick machine,block making machine

Introduction of 4-40 brick machine:
1) This machine adopts four column guide, and is equipped with super vibration motor, and adopts the directional vertical vibration and upper die pressing vibration of the vibration table. Using small power for super vibration effect, and making the raw materials realize dense flow, ultimately improve the working effect. What's more, the finished brick has the characteristic of uniform density and high compressive strength
2)The machine uses high quality steel and special welding technology and materials, strong and shock proof.
3) Multi-function, different moulds can produce different types of bricks of specifications, the moulds on the machine is easy to exchange and maintain.
4) Easy and flexible operation, easy to learn.
4-40 brick machine can be fed manually and the brick can be made by hand in order to save investment fund.
We can supply silos, conveyor, mixer etc for the production line if you need them. 
Brick making materials:
Small stones, sand, fly ash, coal cinder, gangue, tailing residue, ceramsite, perlite, cement are all workable.
Machine advantage:
Multi-function, one machine with different moulds can produce different kinds of bricks.

It can realize automatic green brick conveying, saving labor, high production capacity and it belongs to the small automatic production line with small investment and fast profit.

brick machine,block making machine China

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