Cement bricks machine

cement bricks manufacturing machine  

The main technical parameters of cement brick machine:

Molding cycle 15-20 s/mould Product specification
Vibration frequency  1200-4200 times/min (can adjust)  240×115×53mm
(solid brick 30 pcs/mould )
Vibration force  20-50 KN (can adjust)  390×190×190mm
(hollow brick 6 pcs/mould )
Total power   36.5(kw)  240×115×90 mm
(mutihole brick 18 pcs/ mould )
Theory daily production   72,000 pcs/day (solid brick )  250×250×60 mm
(paving brick 6 pcs/ mould )
Pallet dimension   1050×560×30-35mm(bamboo making ) 225×111×60 mm
(paving brick 18 pcs/ mould )
Machine weight    10.8T 200×100×60 mm
(paving brick 18 pcs/ mould )
Overall dimension  3200×1900×2600mm other brick dimension
cement bricks machines description:
1, high production, multi-usage, can produce many kinds of specification solid and hollow brick.
2, fully auotomatic, electric cabinent can automatic control brick production.
3,machine, electronic, liquid unify, is the leading equipment among machinery.
4,electric gas, hydraulic valve etc parts adopt famous brand manufacturer, have a long life.
5,the product is high density and intensity, can bear high pressure, is the new ideal building materials.

cement bricks making machines 

cement bricks making machines 

Brick making machine:
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